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Roslyn, New York, U.S. August 4, 2019. Aurorae, 2019, by Miya Ando (b. 1978), painted fabric, aluminum, 138 x 120 x 120 inches, is at Energy: The Power of Art Exhibition at the Nassau County Museum of Art.

Aurora Borealis at Nassau County Museum of Art

From LONG ISLAND – by Ann Parry (ann-parry.com)
August 10, 2019

Last week I had an aurora borealis time during my first visit to the “Energy: The Power of Art” exhibit at the Nassau County Museum of Art on the Gold Coast of Long Island.

  • VIDEO:   “Aurorae” by Miya Ando  [music: “53 Mirrors” by Jeff Oster]

Above video has photos & video of “Aurorae” (2019) by Miya Ando (1978).

As soon as I arrived, I watched an hour PBS documentary about aurora borealis.

Then I lingered long in the Mrs. Vincent de Roulet Gallery with artist MIYA ANDO‘s atmospheric “Aurorae” – her aurora borealis installation commissioned by the Nassau County Museum of Art.  

“Aurorae” – an imposing  238 x 120 x 120 inches – is delicate hand painted fabric hanging from a spiral of aluminum suspended from the high ceiling.

Such haunting Northern Lights on Long Island’s North Shore.

  • fyi fLI: Lorinda “Linda” de Roulet (b. 1931/32), née Payson, of Manhasset, is Mrs. Vincent de Roulet. The “New York Times” called her “First Lady of the Mets” when she bought the baseball franchise in 1978.


Aurorae video:  vimeo.com/annparry/aurorae

site:  MiyaAndo.com

Nassau County Museum of Art:  Site  •  Join