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United Ink Flight 914 Tattoo and Body Arts Show

From LONG ISLAND – by Ann Parry (ann-parry.com)
October 16, 2014

For those who appreciate tattoos and other body arts, United Ink Flight 914 was the Long Island show to catch at the Cradle of Aviation mid-September. Tattoo artists and aficionados from the USA and abroad were at booths and events throughout the museum’s three floors.

Garden City, New York, USA. September 14, 2014. SEAN GRIFFEN, aka NME, of Freeport, is a graffiti artist creating an outdoor mural of a girl, at the United Ink Flight 914 tattoo convention at the Cradle of Aviation museum of Long Island. (Ann Parry/Ann Parry, ann-parry.com)

Garden City, New York, USA. Sept. 14, 2014. Graffiti artist SEAN GRIFFEN (aka NME) creates outdoor mural at United Ink Flight 914, Cradle of Aviation museum, Long Island. (© 2014 Ann Parry/ann-parry.com)

Outdoors, visitors could watch artists create murals. And United Ink’s body suspension show later that evening was piercingly memorable.

 United Ink Flight 914 Tattoo & Body Arts Show:  GALLERY