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Photo Illustration: Cammanns Pond in Merrick, New York, USA, © Ann Parry, FromLongIsland.com

Cammanns Pond: Or, New Year’s Eve in Space

From LONG ISLAND – by Ann Parry (ann-parry.com)
December 31, 2018

Cammanns Pond

Tonight, ten days after the shortest day of the year, and hours before the stormy last hurrah of 2018 would become the dawn of 2019, I stopped at Cammanns Pond on my way home.

Struggling through the downpour, the light from the street lamp behind me surrendered before reaching water’s edge.

Merrick, NY, USA. Dec. 31, 2018. A raft of ducks sleeps hidden at Cammanns Pond during rainy New Year's Eve. (© 2018 Ann Parry/Ann-Parry.com)

Merrick, NY, USA. Dec. 31, 2018. A raft of ducks sleeps hidden at Cammanns Pond during rainy New Year’s Eve. (© 2018 Ann Parry/Ann-Parry.com)

Rain coated the windshield seconds after each sweep of wipers, and dashboard lights bounced on the glass and water, so my bullseye view was light from distant buildings slashing an abyss.

But, after countless visits, I knew waterfowl must be near. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I covered the instrument lights with an infinity scarf, I saw hints of a silent, nearly still raft of ducks midway between shores.

Aiming my iPhone from the space between steering wheel and windshield, I captured rain smeared photos of two bare trees standing sentinel in front of the pond.

Going outside, I stood behind one tree trunk then the other, to avoid throwing a shadow, and leaned out to take photos of the ducks, pond, shores and beyond.

No home is an island

Then I sat silent and still in my car as ducks slept at the Merrick pond, on the deluged south shore of Long Island…

on the northeast coast of the United States on Earth as it orbited the Sun, in a spiral arm of the Milky Way, in the Virgo Supercluster…

as we made our way in the universe this New Year’s Eve –

forty years after the world understood global warming and still had time to avoid crisis.

• NASA: Global Climate Change Resources
• Bloomberg: Climate Changed
• NYTimes: Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change
• United Nations: Climate Change

fyi fLI
What’s the correct spelling of the name of the Nassau County park on the south side of Merrick Road between Lindenmere Drive and Babylon Road? Several versions appear, including on government sites. 

The park’s named after the Cammann family. In 1890 Hermann Cammann bought the Carmen farm house property on the north side of Merrick Road, across from where the park is now located, and he rebuilt a larger version of the house.

So – despite its glaring absence of a possessive apostrophe next to the “s” – I’ll go with the name on the park sign: “Cammanns Pond

Cammanns Pond: MY GALLERY


Band Shell Concert at Sunset Park, Port Washington

From LONG ISLAND – by Ann Parry (ann-parry.com)
July 27, 2014

It felt like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting when I attended the John Philip Sousa Memorial Band Shell concert, complete with a friendly greeting from Port Washington’s Lions Club mascot, at Sunset Park, on Manhasset Bay, during a vibrant  July 11th sunset.

Port Washington, New York, U.S. - July 11, 2014 - Audience gets ready to leave at end of night time outdoors band concert at John Philips Sousa Memorial Band Shell, at Sunset Park on Manhasset Bay in the North Shore village on Long Island Gold Coast. (Ann Parry/Ann Parry, ann-parry.com)

Port Washington, NY, U.S. – July 11, 2014 – John Philips Sousa Memorial Band Shell concert, at Sunset Park on Manhasset Bay. (© 2014 Ann Parry, All rights reserved /Ann Parry.com)

The Port Washington Community Summer Concert Band, with Conductor AARON PRINDEL, presented the program “Red, White, and Youth” – including iconic patriotic songs and ones younger audience members easily recognized, such as the theme from Daft Punk’s Tron movie soundtrack.

Band Shell Concert, Port Washington:  GALLERY